Saturday, August 15, 2009

Post effect of tonsillectomy

It has been four weeks since my surgery. I'm finally healed BUT until now, I don't have sweet taste. grrrr! hopefully, tomorrow morning when I wake up everything will change and my sweet taste will be back. I can't wait to eat ice cream, cake, cookies, chocolate and all the sweet food that I really like. It must be heaven and I will jump for joy. It's not easy to eat and not taste the sweetness of what your eating. I come to realize how important our body parts, if we lost something it will never be the same.

take care y'all

Monday, August 3, 2009

Days are gone

Days are gone so fast. Summer is almost over! for the next few weeks my hubby and I will be working again. I'm so glad we both work in the school system. Our schedule is the same, we don't work holidays and two months vacations. Due to the economic crisis that we all experience, this school year we will experience furlough for three days. We are not sure what day and date yet. I rather have three days furlough than no job at all.
We will have new principal and assistant principal this school year. I'm looking forward to meet them and for sure everything will be fine.
lots of love

Thursday, July 30, 2009

yummy in the tummy

Its almost two weeks after my surgery. Yehey! I'm so glad I can eat real food now. My nice Filipina neighbor invited me to her house yesterday and guess what! I ate a lot of foods like pinakbit, shrimp, palabok and arozcaldo. For the few days, my stomach was always growling, the only food I can eat were apple sauce, yogurt, noodle soup--all the soupy food. Even though I can eat now, I'm still cautious because its not totally healed.This coming Monday(Aug. 3) is my Dr's appointment hopefully my Dr. will release me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

After my tonsillectomy

After my tonsillectomy, my throat sore so bad! and it was so difficult to swallow. I feel nauseated and want to vomit.

What I eat after tonsillectomy surgery?
  • A lot of water, Gatorade, vitamin water and tea especially two days after surgery. I also like Popsicles, ice cream. Today is my third day and I can eat apple sauce, soft rice with soft chicken, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes.
  • The Dr. advices me to avoid foods like orange juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice(all acidic juice), hot, spicy like fried chicken, pizza and chips.

I'm always thinking of food.......I'm soooooo hungry chicken, fish (lol).

What Medications I'm taking?

  • Pain medications every 3-4 hours for the first 3-4 days.
  • Medicated lollipops
  • Tylenol
  • Antibiotics
  • Suppository for feeling nausea and vomit
  • Gargle peroxide 4x a day.

I'm so lucky to have the best and nicest Dr. He is always busy but he still have time to call me asking me how I'm doing.

My husband is very helpful through this sore time.

take care

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Surgery

This morning I had my tonsil taken out(tonsillectomy). We arrived in the hospital around 8:00 am. They sent me to the room where I changed hospital clothes and they put IV on my left hand. I was so nervous but it made me felt relief to know there were 3 kids the Dr. operate before me. So, if those kids can do it, why can't I.

They brought me to the surgery room around 10:30am and gave me shot to put me to sleep like sleeping beauty(lol). After an hour, I woke up feeling dizzy half awake and half a sleep with a sore throat. I even asked the nurse, "Is my surgery finished?" she said, "yes ma'am, you're in the recovery room now." oh boy! it seems I just took a long, deep nap.

Around 2pm, They sent us home, still dizzy and didn't feel good. The Dr. advice me not to work for 2 weeks. I'm hungry but the only food I can put in my mouth are usually liquids like juice, jello, apple sauce, ice cream, and popsicles.

Right now, My throat still sore- hopefully everything will be fine as the days go by.

God bless

If any one want to know about tonsillectomy:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A lost of a dear friend

I had a nice friend who I never actually got to meet in person. I met her in YM (Yahoo Messenger) when I was in the Philippines and she was living in Vermont. Over time, we developed a friendship, even though we didn't we see each other in real life when we chatted online and on webcam. She was the bridge in my finding my life partner and that's a really big reason why she's very dear to me. Before I met my husband, Sonia tried to play matchmaker between her sister and my current husband but that didn't work out, although there were never bad words between her sister and my husband . Nonetheless, many people would be upset and not talk to that man again but Sonia, in her selfless way, decided to not be upset about that her sister not gaining a husband and decided to try and match me up to my current husband.

Even though I'm here in the USA, we still didn't have a chance to see each otherbecause we live very far apart, but we maintained constant communication through chat, friendster , texting and talking in the phone. Two months ago, she went to the Dr. because she had heart problems dating back many years--problems we prayed that one day an operation might fix. Much to our shock, the Dr. found out she have a liver problem. It was a liver cancer. The last time I spoke to her she told me she' felt weak and was waiting for the laser surgery. I tried to call her phone many times but nobody would answer the phone. One day her YM was on and I was so excited to chat, but her husband was the one I chatted for a few minutes on her YM account. He told me Sonia was dying. I don't know what to say.

Just while ago my hubby saw Sonia's YM was online, he chatted to her husband Kenny. He told us that Sonia had passed.

I just wish that we could have met in real life but even though we didn't, she will always remain in my heart. Maybe someday who knows, somewhere out there in the great beyond, we may meet oneday. While I am sad that such a warm, kind, young and loving womaan has died, a person who was like cupid's angel in my life and angelic tothers as well, we must accept this reality. We might not feel that life is fair and that it's hard to accept reality and I know she's happy now, no longer in pain and close to our Almighty.

She may rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer time!

The best thing working in the school is the summer break! no work for almost two months. yehey! but this Saturday I will have surgery (tonsillectomy). Worried and nervous hopefully everything will went well, Dr. told me I need to rest for 2 weeks, no driving and eat soft food. I will tell you more details after my surgery.

take care...